Hello. Thanks for stopping by.

Chances are, either I’ve asked to work for or with you, or you’re some kind of crazy stalker. Either way, I welcome you to have a glance at my portfolio which – as you can see by this site’s subtitle – is evolving.

In addition to the published articles I’ve provided in my writing samples, I am also attempting to keep a relatively active blog. Also, I’ve put together a page that provides insight to my style and philosophy when it comes to writing for mass markets.

Because my interests are so varied, I do not claim to have a specialty blog. I’m entirely too restless and inquisitive for that. My curiosities can lead me from a simple story about a kitten to premonitions from a blind nun. Recently, I learned ducks can see three times better than people but can’t hear well and dogs actually have zodiac signs. I’ve also learned over 50% of hacks happen due to employee negligence and China is the leader in automatic cars (investors: consider electronic car batteries. Not kidding!).

This is an example of my randomness.

I actually have a document on my tablet titled, “Things to Google” so I can recall them after I’ve thought of them and eventually have a chance to sit down.

I am a 47-year-old American woman who’s never really stayed anywhere for long but I’ve never left any place I’ve been to, untouched. I’m like a hurricane, but gentler (I hope). I hate it when people ask me where I am from. It’s like trying to spell my [legal] last name over the phone (K-U-P-T-Z-I-N). Takes too damned long and doesn’t matter anyway.

If you have any work you need done including copywriting, editing, proofreading, content writing, research or other applicable things, shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you.